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Trini roots planted in
German soil

Paintings in Oil & Acrylic

Growing up in the Caribbean twin-islands of Trinidad and Tobago was a constant source of artistic stimulation during my younger years as a budding artist. After moving to Germany in my mid-twenties, I began to immerse myself in Europe's rich art history that was not so readily accessible to me in the tropics.  Following this cultural indoctrination, which included the formal training I received at the 'Kunstwerkstatt VHS Mainz', I acquired a more deliberate approach toward my artistic endeavors.  


My concepts are often presented in figurative pieces, through my use of oil, acrylics, mixed media on canvas, paper, or wood. The vibrancy of my homeland, in tandem with the use of magical realism, cubistic abstraction and symbolism are usually reflected in my artistic style.   Religious themes are often sprinkled throughout my artwork as well.  I consider my work to be a fusion of different techniques and ideas that are inspired by my own personal experiences, the world around me and authentic human encounters in relation to God. 

Sugar Cane Sunday.jpg
der zweite Tag, The Second Day_.jpg
Danielle Gayer-Breaking The Fast.jpg
The Eye of The Roller.jpg
broken mirror.jpg
The staircase.jpg
to the heavens edit.jpg
Freude an dem Lauf.jpg
treasure edit.jpg
Down in the valley.jpg
Lady in Green .jpg

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